Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leic-ya? No Love-ya!

So we took the plunge.  Some people buy fancy cars or fancy jewelry.  We buy cameras.  Or specifically 1 camera - a Leica.  Normally priced way in the stratosphere (e.g. a sizeable down payment on a car...) for the Leica M8, I was was pleasantly surprised to find a smaller fixed lens digital that had great reviews, and amazing focal length, a high megapixel resolution, and a very small (in comparison) price tag.   Plus it was small.  Not quite as small as our little Canon (which ended up failing on us as the years took their toll), but not small enough (and came with a free leather case to boot) to fit in your pocket.

After drooling over it for a few months, we decided to "give" this to each other for Christmas.

Here are a few snap shots from our newest acquisition.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Sweet Realization in NM and Christmas Adventures

ES and I spent our Christmas holiday in NM this year.  We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family over the week.  As usual, we hit our "haunts" - Blakes, Dion's, and LIttle Anita's.  Restaurants - of course.  We got our green chile fix.  Some highlights:  Christmas dinner were ES dressed up as Santa for the kids after dinner, game night and learning how to dominos (and getting beat again at Settlers of Catan - I actually think I'd be disappointed if I won!), taking our new toy our for a spin (see "Leica" posting), and finding some new places to add to our "must stop" list (P'tit Louis French Bistro - amazing Croque Monsieur).   

The day after Christmas, we went up to Blanco to see ES's two aunties. 

We also saw Auntie Corky. It was so cute. She admitted from the outset that she had memory gaps since her stroke. She kept asking about my younger brother. I kept telling her that I was the youngest. Nonplussed, she led myself, ES, and my BIL to her bedroom. She jokingly referred to it as her cell. She then pointed to the Christmas card we sent to her and said, "this fellow, how is this one?" I said, "Tia, that is me." She had a look of absolute recognition and relief wash over her face and she fell backwards onto her bed and said, "how I have been waiting to see you! I am so happy!"  It was a such a sweet moment, especially in light of the fact that she's 95 years old.  She's written us a Christmas card this year that we needed to come visit her before "God called her home."  She chuckled when we reminded her of her card and just kept repeating how happy she was to see us.