Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kitty Detective = Water Leak

Oscar made a discovery of sorts this morning. Yes, I usually just use initials on this site but 1) he's a cat and 2) his initials would be OB. I don't know about you, but for me this strikes up visions of feminine hygiene products. So, we'll go with Oscar.

I needed to run over and get something out of the other bathroom this morning. As usual, Oscar came dashing with me. I think he was fish in his former life. He LOVES water -- head first, playing in the bathtub water. Odd, yes, he really is a cat in his current life.

I usually ignore the morning requests to turn on the faucet for a little kitty play time as I did this morning. Giving up, he jumped down to the floor. Shortly thereafter I hear liking and he came out from behind the toilet (yes, my microbiology side shivered) with a wet face. I didn't see any water on the floor. Then I looked again. Hmmm. We have slate floors, which are porous. The toilet tank was slowly dripping onto the floor. It looks like the trim got a little water. The floor is fine and the dry wall looks fine too. However, looks can be deceiving. The ceiling on the first floor is fine, but there's also a big buffer between the 2nd and 1st floor (we've got 18 foot ceilings in that part of the house). So....not sure what we'll do about this. Seems like just when one thing gets taken care of, the next goes.

Alas, at least I can now say it's my drip instead of calling the negligent landlord who let us go for quite a while without A/C because she was too cheap to call someone into fix it.

We can thank our little kitty detective and his love of water for "sniffing" this one out for us.